In early 1861, as he prepared to leave his home in Springfield, Illinois, to move into the White House, Abraham Lincoln faced many momentous tasks, but none he dreaded more than telling his two youngest sons, Willie and Tad, that the family's beloved pet dog, Fido, would not be accompanying them to Washington. Lincoln, who had adopted Fido about five years earlier, was afraid the skittish dog wouldn't survive the long rail journey, so he decided to leave the mutt behind with friends in Springfield. Abe & Fido tells the story of two friends, an unlikely tandem who each became famous and died prematurely. It also explores the everyday life of Springfield in the years leading up to the Civil War, as well as Lincoln's sometimes radical views on animal welfare, and how they shaped his life and his presidency. It's the story of a master and his dog, living through historic, tumultuous times.

ISBN: 9781556522222
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Chicago Review Press - April 2015

In amazingly lifelike, luminous paintings, Wendell Minor, one of America’s finest wildlife and landscape painters, reveals the variety of animals that surround us when we are awake and when we are sleeping.
Minor’s vivid introduction to diurnal (daytime) and nocturnal (nighttime) creatures invites readers to experience the movements, sounds, colors, and textures of nature. By day a red-tailed hawk soars through sky, and by night a barn owl silently swoops through it. In the daylight a family of fluffy cottontail rabbits hops into a field to forage for food, and under starlight a family of pink-nosed opossums does the same. As day turns to night and night to day, amazing critters large and small come and go. Children will enjoy comparing and contrasting the roaming habits of the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us.


By Wendell Minor, Wendell Minor (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780399246623
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Nancy Paulsen Books - May 19th, 2015

"An album of contrasts. . . . The attraction of this invitation to explore daytime and nighttime worlds is visual: appealing gouache-and-watercolor animal portraits display Minor s characteristic use of light and color, meticulous detail, and appreciation for nature. . . . For storytime or laptime, another beautiful rendition of the natural world." Kirkus Reviews

A foodie, at-home gourmet cook, and master entertainer, Niequist writes about the beautiful and broken moments of everyday life - including friendship, family, faith, food, marriage, love, babies, heartache, and more. Combining content from Bread and Wine, Cold Tangerines, and Bittersweet with insightful takeaways, her comforting devotional speaks spiritual truths to women in easily digestible bites.

ISBN: 9780310344971
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Zondervan - March 10th, 2015

Sink deep into the everyday goodness of God and savor every moment!

In this daily devotional, Shauna Niequist becomes a friend across the pages, sharing her heart with yours, keeping you company, and inviting you into the abundant life God offers.

And there are recipes, too, because spiritual living happens not just when we read and pray, but also when we gather with family and friends over dinners and breakfasts and late-night snacks. These recipes are Shauna's staples, and each one should be enjoyed around a table with people you love.

So read and learn and pray and cook and share. Remember to savor each day, whatever it holds: work and play, coffee and kids, meals and prayers and the good stuff and the hard stuff. Life is all about relationships, and your daily relationship with God is worth savoring in every moment.

New Copperfield's Book Service welcomes author Tom McKay who will be meeting his readers and discussing his book West Fork. Mr. McKay will be at New Copperfield's, 120 North Side Square, Macomb from 10:00 A.M. to noon and 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.

West Fork is set in a tiny western Illinois town by that name. In 1968, Jim Blair comes to the town to teach in its new school. He meets a young woman named Linda Bray who grew up on a local farm and hopes to return after studying veterinary medicine in Michigan. As Jim faces the uncertainties and surprises of being a new teacher, the best surprise in his life is the love he comes to share with Linda.

Jim also learns to cherish the gentle and friendly flow of everyday life in West Fork. Even so, no place is spared the greater turmoil throughout the country that surrounds the Vietnam War. The war captures headlines, but another major event is already under way yet almost unnoticed as farms consolidate and fewer and fewer people live in the countryside. Neither Jim nor Linda nor the people of West Fork can see what lies ahead.

Tom McKay has been writing and publishing fiction for fifteen years. He is an historian and museum consultant who lives in his hometown of Hampton, Illinois. 

The event is free and the public is invited to meet the author and learn more about the book.

Photographer Bruce Morton Introduces New Book, Textile

New Copperfield's Book Service

Saturday, April 18

10:00 A.M. to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.

Area photographer Bruce Morton will introduce his latest book, Textile at New Copperfield's Book Service, 120 North Side Square, Macomb on Saturday, April 18 from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. 

Textile is a playful combination of photography juxtaposed with textile collage that creates thought provoking statements and even a visual pun or two. Each book will be unique with several fabric collages applied in each volume by the author.

Mr. Morton has more than forty years of photographic exhibitions around the United States and in Great Britain as well as online galleries and blogs, including Lenscratch and F-Stop Magazine. He may be best known locally for his recent photography book, Forgottonia, a look at the people and places of west-central Illinois and for his participation in local photographic exhibitions as both exhibitor and judge.

The event is free and the public is invited to meet and have the author sign their one-of-a-kind work.

Musical Duo 

Wild Prairie Fire 

Will Perform at 

Local Music Showcase!


 The musical duo Wild Prairie Fire will heat up the stage for Local Music Showcase! at New Copperfield's Book Service, 120 North Side Square, Macomb Saturday, April 11 at 1:00 P.M.


Wild Prairie FireSusan Romano and Dickie Bent, local musicians who make up Wild Prairie Fire, perform a range of music from sweet, sad songs to makes-you-want-to-get-up-and-dance tunes.
New Copperfield's Book Service's Local Music Showcase! gives all area music lovers an opportunity to see the finest area musicians in live performance in an intimate, family-friendly atmosphere. The event is free and everyone is invited. Bring the family!


New Copperfield's Book Service is an independent, general interest bookstore on the north side of Macomb's historic downtown square, with books available in stock and by special order. It carries a selection of general interest, children's books and educational toys, with special emphasis of local history, local music and local authors. The work of local artists and photographers is displayed in the Gallery.


Dr McNabb presents

Western Illinois University's award-winning historian of England and Early Modern Europe, Dr. Jennifer McNabb will present "The World of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, and the Remaking of the English State" at New Copperfield's Book Service, 120 North Side Square, Macomb, Saturday, April 4 starting promptly at 1:00 P.M.

Dr. McNabb's professional research examines the consequences of religious and political changes of the Reformation on such institutions as marriage, family, and the community during the period of Tudor and Early Stuart England. Dr. McNabb will present the historical context for Hilary Mantel's bestselling novel, Wolf Hall and the premier of the PBS television series based on this book that airs the following day, Sunday, April 5. Told from Cromwell's perspective, Wolf Hall follows the complex machinations and back room dealings of this pragmatic and accomplished power broker -- from humble beginnings and with an enigmatic past -- who must serve king and country while dealing with deadly political intrigue, Henry VIII's tempestuous relationship with Anne Boleyn and the religious upheavals of the Protestant reformation. Dr. McNabb, who has won many awards for her teaching, will help untangle the political and human entanglements of a complex and formative period.

The event is free and everyone is welcome.

ISBN: 9781250077585
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Picador USA - March 17th, 2015

Winners of the Man Booker Prize and hugely successful stage plays in London's West End and on Broadway, "Wolf Hall" and "Bring Up the Bodies" bring history to life for a whole new audience having now been adapted into a six-part television series by the BBC and PBS Masterpiece.

England in the 1520s is a heartbeat from disaster. If the king dies without a male heir, the country could be destroyed by civil war. Henry VIII wants to annul his marriage of twenty years and marry Anne Boleyn. The pope and most of Europe oppose him. Into this impasse steps Thomas Cromwell: a wholly original man, a charmer and a bully, both idealist and opportunist, master of deadly intrigue, and implacable in his ambition.

ISBN: 9781250077608
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Picador USA - March 17th, 2015

It's What I Do

War photographer Lynsey Addario’s memoir It’s What I Do is the story of how the relentless pursuit of truth, in virtually every major theater of war in the twenty-first century, has shaped her life. What she does, with clarity, beauty, and candor, is to document, often in their most extreme moments, the complex lives of others. It’s her work, but it’s much more than that: it’s her singular calling.

Lynsey Addario was just finding her way as a young photographer when September 11 changed the world. One of the few photojournalists with experience in Afghanistan, she gets the call to return and cover the American invasion. She makes a decision she would often find herself making—not to stay home, not to lead a quiet or predictable life, but to set out across the world, face the chaos of crisis, and make a name for herself.

Addario finds a way to travel with a purpose. She photographs the Afghan people before and after the Taliban reign, the civilian casualties and misunderstood insurgents of the Iraq War, as well as the burned villages and countless dead in Darfur. She exposes a culture of violence against women in the Congo and tells the riveting story of her headline-making kidnapping by pro-Qaddafi forces in the Libyan civil war.

Addario takes bravery for granted but she is not fearless. She uses her fear and it creates empathy; it is that feeling, that empathy, that is essential to her work. We see this clearly on display as she interviews rape victims in the Congo, or photographs a fallen soldier with whom she had been embedded in Iraq, or documents the tragic lives of starving Somali children. Lynsey takes us there and we begin to understand how getting to the hard truth trumps fear.

As a woman photojournalist determined to be taken as seriously as her male peers, Addario fights her way into a boys’ club of a profession. Rather than choose between her personal life and her career, Addario learns to strike a necessary balance. In the man who will become her husband, she finds at last a real love to complement her work, not take away from it, and as a new mother, she gains an all the more intensely personal understanding of the fragility of life.

Watching uprisings unfold and people fight to the death for their freedom, Addario understands she is documenting not only news but also the fate of society. It’s What I Do is more than just a snapshot of life on the front lines; it is witness to the human cost of war.

ISBN: 9781594205378
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Penguin Press - February 5th, 2015

"A highly readable and thoroughly engaging memoir.... Addario's memoir brilliantly succeeds not only as a personal and professional narrative but also as an illuminating homage to photojournalism's role in documenting suffering and injustice, and its potential to influence public opinion and official policy."

Publishers Weekly

Blues Jam!

The first ever Blues Jam will be held February 28, 1:00 P.M., at New Copperfield's Book Service, 120 North Side Square, Macomb. Area musicians and music lovers are invited to bring an acoustic instrument, their voice or an appreciative ear for an afternoon of blues music. It is a free event. Bring the whole family.

Like the familiar Hootenanny at New Copperfield's, the Blues Jam welcomes musicians of all skill levels to join in. Two experienced blues performers, King Neptune and Dennis DeVolder, each with a background in different kinds of Blues will be on hand Saturday to give some direction, tips and some background to the jam if needed.

Pogue's Basics

Did you know that can you scroll a Web page just by tapping the space bar? How do you recover photos you’ve deleted by accident? What can you do if your cell phone’s battery is dead by dinnertime each day? When it comes to technology, there’s no driver’s ed class or government-issued pamphlet covering the essentials. Somehow, you’re just supposed to know how to use your phone, tablet, computer, camera, Web browser, e-mail, and social networks. Luckily, award-winning tech expert David Pogue comes to the rescue with Pogue’s Basics, a book that will change your relationship with all of the technology in your life. With wit and authority, Pogue’s Basics collects every essential technique for making your gadgets seem easier, faster, and less of a hassle. Crystal-clear illustrations accompany these 225 easy-to-follow tips. Tips include:

  • Make the type bigger on your screen
  • Bring a wet phone back from the dead
  • The fastest way to charge an iPad
  • The 10 best apps to put on your phone
  • How to type symbols
  • Bypass annoyingly long voice mail instructions
  • Use map apps on your phone without an Internet connection
  • Sign a contract electronically
  • See what’s in a file without opening it
  • The 12 best free services on the Web
  • Turn off automatic bullets, lists, and links in Word
  • Protect yourself from online scams and viruses
  • Set up an automatic backup system on your computer
  • What to do about junk e-mail
  • Send photos so that they don’t bounce back
  • Print or email articles without ads
  • How to get money for your used electronics
  • Rename a bunch of files in one fell swoop
  • Make YouTube videos sharper
  • and much more.

At last, you can lose that nagging, insecure feeling that you’re not the master of your own gadgets. The tech tips in Pogue’s Basics are all you need—the shortcuts to a happier technological life

ISBN: 9781250053480
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Flatiron Books - December 9th, 2014

Did you know that you can dry out your wet cell phone by putting its parts in separate bowls of uncooked rice? That you can scroll through a website using only your spacebar? That if you type your airline and flight number in to Google, it tells you where your flight is, the gate, terminal, and how long until it lands?

Pogue's tips have earned him 1.5 million followers on Twitter. And now that he writes his columns for Yahoo Tech, the audience for this advice has grown by millions more. Here at last is the book all these fans have been waiting for: a book of 200 tips that will change your relationship to your phone, computer, tablet, camera--all of the technology in your life.